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Избранное из меню Ресторан-кафе "Этажерка"

The menu items below highlight top-rated and popular dishes based on real customer reviews for reference only, and may not accurately reflect the current restaurant offerings.
The reviews indicate a mixed perception of the price/quality ratio. Some customers found the prices reasonable and corresponding to the quality of the food, while others felt the quality of the products was low in comparison to the price. However, the majority of reviews leaned towards a good price/quality ratio, especially considering the variety of dishes offered.
  • - this dish was particularly mentioned for being very juicy and a favorite among many customers.
  • Oriental Cuisine

    - the restaurant is recommended by lovers of oriental cuisine, so their dishes in this category could be worth trying.
  • Fresh Catch

    - this dish was highlighted as a gastronomic masterpiece, indicating the quality and freshness of the seafood offered.
  • Creative Desserts

    - the desserts were praised for their creativity, suggesting they are both visually appealing and delicious.
  • Caprese

    - this classic Italian salad was mentioned with affection, indicating it's well-prepared.
  • Kutaby

    - a traditional Azerbaijani dish that received positive feedback.
  • Veal Skewers

    - these were specifically mentioned as a favorite, suggesting they are well-cooked and flavorful.
  • - despite some negative reviews about food, the champagne was considered fairly priced.
  • Other Drinks

    - the drinks were noted to be of high quality with a varied selection.